Monday, 24 February 2014

2015 Latest Ford Ranger Diesel Information

The Ford Ranger, codenamed T6, can be a mid-size pickup truck produced by the Ford Motor Company, first revealed in October 2010, at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. The T6 replaces two regional Ranger platforms: the Mazda BT-50-derived model sold in the Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions and the Us model sold in select Latin American markets.

Although the Ford Ranger 2015 emerges in 180 markets globally, it is not currently planned to be sold in america or Canada, due to the newest platform being too close in space and cost to the F-150, and due to overall declining sales of compact pickups in The united states. However, it is offered in the centre East, Mexico, Suriname, Ecuador, Peru, the particular Netherlands(Aruba, Cura?ao, and St. Marteen), your UK(the Cayman Islands), and most Caribbean countries in addition to the F-150. However the Ranger isn't sold alongside the Ford F-Series throughout Iceland. Ford initially planned a mid-size truck determined by a modified F-150 chassis for that North American market named the particular F-100; [5] however, this was shelved to be replaced by offering the 3. 5L EcoBoost V6 engine within the F-150. Additionally, American and Canadian safety and emissions standards and also the long-standing 25% import tariff enforced on non-American built light trucks prevent the T6 Ranger from being imported into The united states; however, the 3. 2L Duratorq is being adapted for North american consumption as a Power Stroke engine within the 2015 Ford Transit. Similarly, safety and emissions standards in ECE-compliant nations, the need for right-hand drive using international markets, and foreign perception of American vehicles being too big prevent the F-150 from being globalised.

Production commenced in summer 2011, starting with Thailand's Rayong place, with production in South Africa and Argentina to follow along with. [8] Additionally, Mazda offers a badge-engineered version from the T6 as the second generation BT-50. Although the BT-50 shares number of exterior and interior parts with the Ranger, both trucks are a similar mechanically.

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